• Beautiful Libby, MT

    Set in the northwest corner of Montana, 35 miles east of Idaho and 65 miles south of Canada, is the small town of Libby..  The town lies in a picturesque valley carved by the Kootenai River and framed by the Cabinet Mountains to the south.  The town lies in a picturesque valley carved by the Kootenai River.

    The community's assets include clean water, beautiful scenery, and recreational opportunities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, boating and skiing.
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  • Vermiculite Mining

    Gold miners discovered vermiculite in Libby in 1881; in the 1920s the Zonolite Company formed and began mining the vermiculite and was later acquired by W.R. Grace in 1963 until closing in 1990.  While in operation, the Libby mine may have produced 80% of the world's supply of vermiculite.  The Libby mine may have produced 80% of the world's supply of vermiculite.

    Vermiculite was extremely valuable as a building insulation and soil conditioner.
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  • Asbestos Discovered

    The vermiculite from the Libby mine was contaminated with a toxic form of naturally-occurring asbestos called tremolite-actinolite asbestiform mineral fibers. When inhaled, these fibers cause several forms of cancer and lung disease.  Since 1999, the EPA has been working in Libby to clean up contamination and reduce risks to human health.  Since 1999, the EPA has been working to clean the contamination.

    EPA's first priority was to assess the current risk to public health from asbestos-contaminated vermiculite in Libby. Next, the Agency began taking necessary actions to reduce this risk.
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  • LATAG's Mission

    Libby Area Technical Assistance Group's main goal is to oversee that the cleanup of Libby's asbestos contamination is achieved in a comprehensive, complete, and timely manner.  This goal is being achieved through community involvement with the EPA cleanup process.  LATAG helps facilitate community involvement with the EPA cleanup.

    LATAG accomplishes this goal through such means as constant review of the cleanup process, scientific review, public involvement and informational media distribution.
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Vermiculite Info

Libby Asbestos Contaminated Vermiculite

Vermiculite from the Libby, MT mine was found to be contaminated with a naturally occurring form of asbestos. Learn how to identify Vermiculite here!

Identify Vermiculite

Libby Superfund Site

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Libby Superfund Site Asbestos Cleanup in MontanaSuperfund is the common name for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA), a United States federal law designed to clean up sites contaminated with hazardous substances.

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LATAG Glossary of Terms for Libby Asbestos CleanupLATAG refers to many different programs from different agencies on this website. EPA, state and city government agencies identify themselves with complex acronyms that you may not recognize at first and often use terminology specific to Superfund Sites. This glossary contains descriptions of agencies and terms as well as many website links!

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Libby Vermiculite Asbestos CleanupThis is a general discussion on risk assessment and is not specific to the EPA or the Libby Superfund Site, however is a valuable resource to learn how the EPA and other agencies assess hazardous situations such as the Libby Asbestos threat.

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Join the LATAG BoardThe Libby Area Technical Assistance Group (LATAG) is always looking for new members of the community to join our board. If you feel you have something to offer the community through involvement with the LATAG board, we encourage you to fill out our simple application form!

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