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October 12th, 2010

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

October 12th, 2010 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

(Note: bold items within paragraphs are motions made and voted on as well as action items agreed upon.)

Board Member Attendees:
  • Mike Noble
  • LeRoy Thom
  • JoElyn Brus
  • Eileen CarneyDr. Brad Black
  • Phillip Erquiaga
  • Donna Martin
Contractor Attendees:
  • Cheryl Fox
  • Terry Spear (by phone)
Guest Attendees:
  • Katherine LeCours (by phone)
  • Dick Sloan (by phone)Mike Cirian
  • Victor Ketellaper
  • Libby Faulk


1.       Meeting began at approximately 7:00pm

2.       Introductions 

3.       EPA Report

a.       Cleanup update (Mike Cirian):

                           i.      105 Libby properties have been completed and 68 are active still this year in Libby

                         ii.      85 properties have been completed in Troy, and 3 are still active.

                        iii.      122,807 cubic yards of soil have been moved this year. Soil was also moved from the amphitheatre to the top of the mine.

                       iv.      In the winter, soils and interior materials removed will be covered and stored, then removed from properties in the spring.

                         v.      Projected total: 1462 properties including Troy and Libby

                       vi.      This year soils have been deposited differently than in the past, they are being spread out into piles and solids are being removed from the dirt.

                      vii.      OU2: The former screening plant was recently completed and the remedial action report will be available soon 

b.       Construction report (Mike Cirian):

                           i.      OU5: The former Stimson site’s central maintenance roof removal problem has been resolved so restoration can move forward.

                         ii.      Highway 37 grinding will take place in the early spring after the curbs and gutters project is finished.

1.       It was asked why highway 37 is being done: there was a positive hit on state road department sampling monitor.

2.       The work will be done with real time monitors and a dust resistant street grinder.  

c.       Contract and Research report (Victor Ketellaper)

                           i.      The current work plan for Ambient Air Monitoring was extended through mid-November and then monitoring will occur monthly throughout the winter while a new work plan is being developed.

                         ii.      A slash pile burn is desired because of asbestos fibers in tree bark, but it has been delayed related to permitting issues. The topic is being reevaluated.

                        iii.      EPA is working with the Army Corps of Engineer to get a long term contract for construction work that will enhance consistency and be open to anyone in the country to bid on.

                       iv.      RFC value (non-cancer toxicity) will soon be in peer review and will be available sometime at the beginning of next year. It will be released to the public at the same time as the peer review panel.

                         v.      Good results were obtained using the new preparation system for soil samples this year, and EPA is now gearing up to take background samples to determine if there are naturally occurring fibers in the Libby area which are not related to the mining history.  

d.       Questions & Discussion related to EPA report

                           i.      It was asked if EPA monitored a recent shopping center parking lot repaving. Mike stated that they did not, they did not even know if was happening

                         ii.      Concern over mowing lawns and possible asbestos fiber exposure was brought up and discussed

                      iii.      Concern over the methods used in conducting Activity Based Sampling was discussed. It was decided that Phillip would address this concern with the CAG.

                       iv.      Location of air monitoring for fibers was discussed.    

4.       DEQ Report- Dick Sloan

a.       OU7: Ambient air stations have been collecting data for a year and will continue for another year.

b.       Two reports should be out soon; these include the remedial investigation report and the quarterly report for ambient air.  

5.       W. R. Grace Report (No Report) 

6.       Special Presentations (Terry Spear)

a.       Terry reviewed ABS reports and will provide a written report to LATAG.

b.       Terry received the remedial investigation report directly. It was added to his task order to review.  

7.       Meeting Minutes review and approval

a.       JoElyn made a motion to accept August’s minutes and Phillip seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved.

b.      All board members were asked to compile notes from July’s meeting.  

8.       Treasurer’s Report- JoElyn Brus

                           i.      Reimbursements number 81 and 82 have been submitted but no funds have been received yet.  

9.       Sub-Committee Reports

a.       Communication Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (chairperson) The website has been updated to include meeting information from 2004 to present. He requests that board members look it over and let him know if anything is missing.   

b.      Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (chairperson) LeRoy nominated Pam Peppinger who submitted an application as to be a board member. JoElyn seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. Tracy will contact her with an orientation packet.

c.       O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike Noble/ leRoy Thom (co-chairs) Donna Martin will try to attend the upcoming O& M meeting.

d.       Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (chairperson) Planning a symposium in June was discussed and will be brought up with the CAG.  

10.   Old Business

a.       D.C. Orr tarps on trucks

                          i.      A letter was drafted and reviewed by the board. It was unanimously approved to send the letter to D.C. which refers him to Kathy at the county health department. Tracy will send the letter.

                        ii.      Mike will notify Kathy in advance of this referral.

b.       EPA RfC & questions

                           i.      A letter was drafted and reviewed by the board. It was unanimously approved to send the letter to Ted at the EPA.   The letter will also be posted on the LATAG website.  

c.       September’s action items were reviewed.

d.       In-kind hours were collected.  

11.   New Business (none)
a. Dave Berry’s unnumbered memo. Should TA review (per DC Orr’s request)?

                          i.      After discussion of single exposure versus cumulative, it was unanimously decided that Terry should review the memo.    

12.   Open Discussion (none)

13.   Review and agreement on action items

a.       See attached

14.   Next Meeting Scheduled November 9, 2010.  

15.   Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00PM.


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