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April 12th, 2011

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

April 12th, 2011 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

(Note: bold items within paragraphs are motions made and voted on as well as action items agreed upon.) 

Board Member Attendees:
  • Phillip Erquiaga
  • JoElyn Brus
  • Eileen Carney
  • LeRoy ThomDonna Martin
  • Karen Horton
  • Brad Black
Contractor/Employee Attendees:
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator 
Guest Attendees:
  • Lisa DeWitt MT DEQ
  • Victor Ketallapper, EPA
  • Larry Scusa, MT DEQ
  • Mike Cirian, EPA
  • Libby Faulk, EPA
  • Steve Wharton, EPA
  • Bill Murray, EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA

1.       Meeting began at approximately 7:00pm

2.       Introductions were made around the room. 

3.       EPA Report-

a.      Victor K. announced that Jim Martin, the regional administrator is still planning a public meeting in Libby. It will probably be held sometime in May.

b.      Victor also reported that preliminary toxicity values for LAA will be made available this year.

c.      The Remedial Investigation with Activity based sampling for OU4 is expected to be out this summer. EPA hopes to start community discussions about a remedy plan for OU4.

d.      Mike C. reported that the target construction start date is May 2nd. He also reported that construction delays have taken place because of price negotiations for use of the landfill. Outdoor properties will be started first for this reason.

e.      Mike also reported that greater than 40 documents were updated over the winter, and that ambient air monitoring programs will continue this year with 6 monitors placed in new locations.   

f.       Rebecca T. reported that Amtrak is considering modification of the loading platform on the river side of their station. Asphalt will be peeled back to collect samples of the material underneath to be tested for asbestos contamination.

g.      OU1 & 2- EPA has entered into an agreement with the city of Libby cleanup at Riverfront Park. The city will provide the top layers of soil with revegetation.   For OU2, two documents are being prepared but may not be out for some time as post construction risk assessment will be included in them.

                                                               i.      Phillip asked for clarification regarding the park clean-up project. The cooperative agreement between EPA and the city of Libby will provide the city with funding for the park project and 6 inches of base soil. The city will provide the other 6 inches of base, and 6 inches of topsoil as well as vegetation. EPA will provide oversight, a schedule and protocol which must be followed.

h.      OU3- A failure mode analysis is to be conducted in late May at the mine, and sampling season is to begin then too. The state of MT will take the lead on these projects.

i.        OU5- Stimson Lumber. A new document is going through internal review and should be made available to LATAG by June.

                                                               i.      Phillip asked about piles of potentially contaminated materials that were sold and may be being sold commercially for hydro seeding and wood pellets. EPA answered that the piles were moved by the owner but they are aware of the public concern. There are 2007 samples which were taken and will be quantitatively analyzed because of concerns raised regarding this issue. Also, ABS will be done on the materials that were not moved.

j.        OU6- Rail corridor. BNSF will meet in Denver in June with the EPA and have the complete data package that has been collected. Following that meeting, gaps will be determined and from there it will be decided how to proceed.

k.      OU8- Highway. All data for Remedial Investigation has been collected, it should be made available in June for review.   The Highway 37 rototilling project with MT DOT will take place in the end of April with paving to follow immediately after that. Two perimeters of ambient air monitoring will surround the project.

l.        Mike C. reported that EPA plans to complete 150 properties this construction season. Most of those properties are exterior only. Changes which will be implemented to improve construction and decrease cross-contamination this season include: Alleys will be addressed with every property, islands will not be left in properties, favorite plants will no longer be kept, neighborhood mapping will be used instead of a worst first approach, soils returned to properties will be of improved quality so that lawns will grow better.

m.    Libby F. reported that the first EPA Q&A session met with limited success and that they will continue to do these meetings monthly.  

4.       DEQ Report

a.      Catherine L. has left MT DEQ to work in consulting. Someone will be starting on May 9 to replace Dick Sloan, but Catherine’s position remains open.

b.      DEQ is planning a public meeting sometime in the next few months regarding OU7.  

5.       W.R. Grace Report: No Report    

6.       Technical Advisor Report- No report. 

7.       CAG Report- Dr. Black reported that the CAG plans to pursue a health symposium with support of TAG on the technical end. The symposium will be delayed until this fall as funding support is being sought. 

8.       Meeting minutes were reviewed from the March 2011 TAG board meeting.

a.      A motion was made and unanimously passed to accept March’s meeting minutes with one clarification as requested by Dr. Black. 

9.       Treasurer’s Report (JoElyn Brus)

a.      Reimbursement #86 was submitted for $956 but has not yet been received.

b.      Current balance is $39,955.86  

10.   Sub-Committee Reports

a.      Communications Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (chairperson) – The website is up to date until February 2011.

b.      Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (chairperson) – No Report

c.      O & M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike Noble/ LeRoy Thom (co-chairs) – Donna M. reported that she will try to attend the next O&M meeting.   

d.      Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (chairperson)- Terry S. reviewed the background soils document and made some initial comments but feels he needs more time to further review the document. 

11.   Old Business-

a.      CAG-TAG Public Health Symposium funding- Dr. Black stated that alternative funding is being explored and that the event would be very important to have in 2011 because of many things moving quickly with the cleanup.

b.      TAG’s 2010 taxes are at with the CPA and are due in May.

c.      There is a new quarterly report format being requested by Linda A. Tracy will work on both Q4 of 2010 and Q1 of 2011 in this format.

d.      Donna and Phillip discussed how to approach the newsletter. 

12.   New Business

a.      It was unanimously approved to accept Terry’s report on public school’s asbestos sampling pending one clarification about number of years. 

13.   Open Discussion- None 

14.   Review and agreement on action items was completed. 

15.   An Executive Board meeting was not scheduled. 

16.   In kind hours were collected and LeRoy reminded everyone that the next TAG regular board meeting is scheduled for May 10th. 

A motion was made and unanimously passed to adjourn


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