February 14th, 2014

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

February 14th, 2014 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes



  • Karen Horton- LATAG
  • Donna Martin- LATAG        
  • Tracy McNew- LATAG
  • Mike Noble- LATAG        
  • David Berry- EPA        
  • Nick Raines- ARP
  • Jennifer McCully- ARP        
  • Mike Cirian- EPA        
  • Rebecca Thomas- EPA
  • Liz Fagen- EPA             
  • Steve Gavett- EPA        
  • Carolyn Rutland- EPA
  • Deb McKean- EPA

1) The meeting was called to order at 6:11PM

2) David Berry from EPA presented findings of the study of background asbestos fibers in the Kootenai Valley.  He ended with the conclusion that “a portion of the Libby Amphibole fibers that we are finding are from glacial deposits thousands of years ago.”  Background samples were only taken from areas below the level of the historical lake levels and that could have been deposited by glaciers. All background samples were analyzed using two different methods, both the PLM-VE and fluidized bed/ TEM method.  The PLM-VE method is the method used for soil sampling on investigation/removal activities at the superfund site and is less sensitive.
  a) The TAG board discussed the possibility of asking EPA to take soil samples above the level of the historical lake at 2,450 feet. The board discussed having Tony review this report.  It will be sent out to the board for approval.      
  b) Mike asked if these conclusions are changing the clean-up process.  EPA answered that during this construction season there will likely not be removals on residential soils that have trace concentrations (0.2% or below), also visible vermiculite will not necessarily be removed this year.
  c) Remedium (WR Grace) will be in town the week of April 15th so we will plan to change our meeting week.
  d) Board discussed having TAs come more often
  e) Board discussed having JoElyn temporarily resign.

3) Meeting minutes were

4) Treasurer’s Report

5) Sub-Committee Reports
  a) Communications Committee- Zach
  b)Nomination Committee- LeRoy
  c) O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna
  d) Technical Advisor Committee- Brad-

6) Special Reports
  a) TA reports
     i. Steve discussed the Citizen’s Jury proposal that he created. He has discussed this with EPA and they are also interested.  The timeline for this Jury is likely August or September.  We will revisit the topic in March or April.
     ii. Tony will be talking with Christina Progess from EPA on Tuesday regarding all of the reports   
  b) ARP Report- Nick Rains and Jennifer McCully
     i. As of Jan 1, 2014 there is no longer an ERS program 291-5335 now rings in to ARP.
     ii. ARP is also the initial contact for U-Dig
     iii. Community outreach includes working with schools, meeting with community organizations, developing a standalone website, etc.
     iv. ARP is funded through Dec. 2016 by an EPA grant to Lincoln County

7) Old Business
  a) A CAG-TAG forum was scheduled for December. An email was sent to Mike G. with the CAG to find out more details.  

8) New Business
  a) TAG has expired as of September 30th.  This was just sent in an email this afternoon.  
  b) Discussion of contracts including Flathead Media and TAG office
  c) A formal letter needs to be sent to Robert Edgar.  Tracy and Mike will meet on Friday at noon.  
  d) Mike was going to follow-up with Flathead Media and the LATAG office contracts.

9) Open Discussion
  a) Karen will contact Nick Raines regarding the CAG/TAG forum participation and advertising.  
  b) Policies/ Procedures, Bylaws, and elections of officers needs to be completed in January.
  c) The recommendation of the interview committee will be emailed to the board for approval.

10) Action items were reviewed and agreed on.

11) No E board meeting was scheduled.

12) In kind hours were submitted.

13) LATAG will plan on participating in the December forum with the CAG and we will not plan to have a regular meeting.