September 8th, 2015

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.      

P O Box 53; Libby, MT 5993

Regular Board Meeting Agenda: September 8, 2015

In attendance: Mike Noble, Karen Horton, Tracy McNew, LeRoy Thom, Brad Black, and Nick Raines

  1. 1)The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM
  2. 2)TA Report- Steve Ackerlund
    1. a.Brainstorming ways to reinforce our comments on the Proposed Plan
      1. i.Tester’s office update
      2. ii.County/BOH/Community voice
      3. iii.DEQ comments and other comments
      4. iv.Wall Street Journal update
    2. b.Mine Site (OU3) Remedial Investigation Report Review
      1. i.Internal review until the end of the year, no date for public review at this time
      2. ii.We’ve also requested trial test burn data
    3. c.Post-ROD, Intermediate to Longer-term TAG priorities
      1. i.Role in Institutional Control development
      2. 3)ARP Update- Nick Raines
        1. a.An IC steering committee has been established but hasn’t been fully organized. They will be meeting with EPA and DEQ next week.
        2. b.Nick distributed copies of the county commissioner’s comments on the proposed plan, ARP comments, and BOH comments. We should try to post these to our website?
        3. c.There were two wildfires in OU3, both were caused by lightning strikes. There was no air monitoring at either fire. From now on any fire will initiate monitoring.
        4. d.EPA did a few test burns at the mine site this spring of slash piles and then during a prescribed burn. They did perimeter monitoring and activity based sampling on the crews doing the work.
        5. e.Steve reported that he provided comments to the State DEQ regarding the risk assessment.
        6. 4)Dr. Black reported that he will work to set up a meeting with the state Governor with a group from Libby regarding the clean-up and
        7. 5)Outstanding meeting minutes were not reviewed for approval as they were not available.
        8. 6)Treasurer’s Report- Grant is submitted
        9. 7)Sub Committee Reports
        10. 8) Old Business
          1. a.The TAG grant was completed and submitted to EPA with confirmation received of their receipt
          2. b.The TAG motioned to extend Steve’s current contract for 60 days while TAG reviews the contract and awaits grant approval.
          3. 9)Open Discussion-
            1. a.It was agreed by the board that we ask Nick to set-up a meeting with the TAG and Board of Health at a time when Steve can be there in person.
            2. b.The TAG decided that at this point there is no need to ask to be involved in the IC steering committee meeting.

GA recruitment- Susan has not submitted time sheets and has agreed not to bill TAG for any hours worked that she has not already been paid for.

  1. 10)Action items from the meeting were reviewed and agreed upon as follows:
  • Steve will request that we be able to review drafts of documents that haven’t been released yet.
  • Nick to attempt to set up a board of health meeting for next Wednesday for Steve to present in person.
  • Nick will seek an invite for TAG to attend next week’s IC steering committee meeting
  1. 11)No in kind hours were submitted at this meeting as forms were not available
  2. 12)The next LATAG meeting will be tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th.
  3. 13)The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.