Operable Units

Operable Units at the Libby, MT Superfund SiteThe EPA maintains a list of documents and updates for the 8 Operable Units (OUs) in the Libby Superfund site. These OU documents contain maps of each OU area, resident and analyst commentary, data reports and more for each Operable Unit in the Libby Superfund Site cleanup area. The links below will take you to the constantly updated EPA website where you can view various files for each of the 8 Libby Operable Units.


Former export plant (including Riverfront Park)
 View EPA Website for OU1


Former screening plant and surrounding properties
 View EPA Website for OU2


Former vermiculite mine
 View EPA Website for OU3


Properties in and around the Libby area
 View EPA Website for OU4


Former Stimson Lumber parcel
 View EPA Website for OU5


BNSF railroad
 View EPA Website for OU6


Properties in and around the Troy area
 View EPA Website for OU7


State highways
 View EPA Website for OU8


Libby Vermiculite Learn what Libby Vermiculite looks like and what to do if you find it on your property.

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